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The best of physical and digital in one place

Case Study

A retail revolution

From ‘Virtual Walls’ and ‘Shoebars’ to tablets and digital signage, adidas is the only major brand to have a global program for all its digital tools running on a single platform – because we made it.

case study

Why Connected Retail?

Connected Retail Platform™ (CRP) allows you to provide shoppers with a seamless journey from digital to physical, linking up their online and mobile retail experience with their experience in-store.

  • Speed to market

    Speed to market

    You can have a working prototype in-store within four weeks.

  • Optimised content

    Optimised content

    You can leverage existing brand content, and control it directly.

  • Precision targeting

    Precision targeting

    You can target every customer type, mind-set and need state.

  • Personal recommendation

    Personal recommendation

    You can use preferences to guide customers to purchase.

  • Continuous innovation

    Continuous innovation

    You can test, refine and roll out new ideas at scale and at speed.

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